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“In today’s expanding global economy, everyone has a role to play, not just the businessmen and politicians—which means that somehow we’re all going to have to become economically literate.”

—Randy Charles Epping, "The 21st Century Economy"

“Remarkably, Epping is able to explain the global economy
in language that most readers will find both
understandable and interesting.”

Library Journal, February, 2009

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"The 21st Century Economy—A Beginner's Guide"

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"The economic upheaval of 2008 has left many investors and ordinary citizens stunned and confused, as it seems like none of the normal rules apply in this fast-paced world of electronic trading and instant information. We hear many terms thrown at us, but few understand their meaning or why they have any relevance to our own financial health. Epping, author of 'A Beginner’s Guide to the World Economy' (1992), has created this beginner’s guide to fundamental economic terms and concepts to help the average person understand and navigate the rapidly changing 21st-century economy. Oft-heard but confusing terms such as 'credit default swap' and 'collateralized debt obligation' are defined in concise, easy-to understand language to help readers make sense of the information overload coming via media sources like CNBC and the Internet. There is no guarantee that this guide will make you a better investor, but today more than ever it is essential that more citizens become economically literate, and this is a great place to start."

—David Siegfried, Booklist Review.


With recent economic turmoil monopolizing the headlines, it has become more important than ever to understand fundamental economic terms and concepts. Randy Charles Epping’s latest book will give you all the knowledge you need to make sense of the latest headlines and the economic trends behind today’s crises and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Complete with 101 easy-to-master tools for surviving and thriving in the new global marketplace, The 21st Century Economy—A Beginner’s Guide is essential reading for anyone interested in understanding the complex economy of the world in which we live.

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Key Ideas

Randy Charles Epping uses compelling narratives and insightful analogies to clearly and concisely explain the rapidly changing way business is done in the twenty-first century, without a single chart or graph.

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